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Nature Experts offers versatile nature information: guided tours, programme content and expert services. Our business is based on good natural knowledge of nature. What was that bird? Which animal has passed here?
We make it easy for you to get acquainted with nature. You can participate in various kinds of events (eg. Helsinki nature trips) or contact us for a tailor made programme for you. You can suggest also different kinds of programmes and invite your friends on a trip. Our goal is that people could enjoy nature and expand their knowledge about it. This deepens their experiences of nature.
Our guides in the metropolitan area consist of a wide range of nature experts.
Here are some examples of possible excursions:
  • Nature excursions in Viikki
  • Nature excursions in Östersundom
  • Helsinki seashores: Kallvik, Uutela, Suomenlinna
  • Short evening hikes in the nature close to the city: Haltiavuori, Keskuspuisto, Seurasaari
  • "No hurry" nature walks, where neither the length of the route nor the number of observed species is important but the fact that we are out in the wild
  • Events for corporate staff or customers. Are you expecting foreign guests to whom you would like show Finnish nature, but you can not take them all the way to Lapland? There is also a lot to see in the metropolitan area
  • Refreshment day for staff can start with a walk for a couple of hours in the nature
We offer on loan binoculars, bird books, butterfly nets and other equipment that make it easier to observe nature.
Here's how to plan a nature trip: think about where, when, and how you want the excursion organized. How many participants will you be? Do you need equipment (binoculars, etc.)? Please request a quote from us!

Please contact us. We are happy to answer your questions.
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